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Instagram for Interior Designers

How do the busiest, most successful design firms attract clients via Instagram? Get instant access to the exact methods that we use for our clients.

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I was completely blown away by the in-depth analysis and suggestions that they provided! Within a few weeks, I noticed more traffic coming to my site and more outreach from leads.

Jen Haywood, Texturious Designs

Proven Techniques and Well-Tested Strategy—Specifically for Design Firms

Right Mark

Create Content That Converts

Are you cranking out Instagram posts with no master plan? From branding to image selection to reels— we’ll introduce you to a world of strategy and efficiency.

Right Mark

Master the Art of Engagement

Grow and nurture your audience with real intent and skill. Purposeful engagement is where the magic happens—and we’ve got it down to a beautiful science.

Right Mark

Layer in the Power of Ads

Create Instagram ad campaigns to attract the perfect client. Learn our simple, effective approach to promoting posts, step-by-step audience targeting, and more.

Wingnut Social Podcast Darla Powell

Digital marketing for interior designers requires a unique approach.

We’re the go-to source for busy design firms who want to level up and outsource—and one of the very few digital marketing agencies owned and run by a former designer. Our team is highly educated, our focus is precise, and every one of our methods is grounded in testing, experience, and results.

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I've been blown away by the depth of the information they provided and the results I get when I put their recommendations into action.

Beth Fortune,Wildheart Design
Instagram For Interior Designers

Want to Attract Leads on Instagram?

We’ll Give You the Recipe!

  • The Social Strategy System
  • Instagram for Interior Designers Assessment
  • Define Your Target Audience
  • Cohesive Branding
  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Voice
  • Value Proposition
  • Account Setup
  • Your Best Bio
  • Picking Your Profile Pic
  • Creating a Call-to-Action
  • Custom Content Strategy
  • Post Planning
  • Selecting the Right Images
  • Captivating Captions
  • Using Hashtags & Tags
  • The Story Behind Stories
  • Story Captions & Stickers
  • Highlights
  • IG Videos 101
  • The Deal With Reels
  • Scheduling Posts
  • Grow Your Audience
  • Engagement Strategies
  • IG Bots
  • Tracking Metrics
  • A/B Testing
  • Campaign Tagging
  • Testing Plan
  • The Basics of Instagram Ads
  • Instagram Audience Targeting
  • Promote Your Posts
  • Goal Setting

What’s Included?


Actionable strategies, broken down into manageable pieces, and delivered in language that makes sense.


Checklists, glossaries, step-by-step technical guides, and other useful tools—downloadable, distilled, and ready to reference.


Access to an exclusive Facebook group with our experts and your Wingnut Academy peers.


Increased reach, impressions, and engagement after implementing the course strategies... or your money back.


Does this course use the same strategies you use for Wingnut clients?

Yes! The very same methods and strategies we use for our full-service Wingnuts are taught in this course. Are we crazy for sharing it? Maybe.

Do I get to keep the resources provided in the modules?

Yes! Many resources are downloadable so you can save them to your desktop for all eternity. Others live within the course, which you can access by logging into your account.

How long does the course take to complete?

You can learn at your own pace. Every course has four (or more) units with seven to ten modules. Each module contains about ten to thirty minutes of content.

Who are my instructors?

Darla Powell and the digital marketing experts on the Wingnut Social staff! We have years of experience managing social media, implementing SEO strategy, and working with interior design firms.

What if I don’t see results?

Our guarantee: If you don’t see increased reach, impressions, and engagement on your Instagram business account by implementing the course strategies in the first 90 days, we will process a full refund. (You must show actual course completion and implementation, of course!)


Now I have a real strategy that has seen my account grow, even in a time of slow organic reach!

— Julia Lampe, Paradigm Interiors
How much is a reliable source of interior design clients worth?

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