What You Can Do with Instagram Creator Studio

What You Can Do with Instagram Creator Studio

What is Instagram Creator Studio?

Facebook Creator Studio was previously only available for scheduling content on Facebook pages. Luckily, Facebook heard the outcry of its content creators and began testing an Instagram version of Creator Studio in December of 2018. Now they’ve launched Instagram Creator Studio and content creators everywhere are jumping for joy. You access it through Facebook, with a new tab for Instagram within the Facebook Creator Studio tool.

Before you can reap the benefits of Instagram Creator Studio, you must have a business profile or a creator account. A creator account is an account for users who consistently create original content. The only caveat is that the requirement for a creator account is difficult to achieve with a constantly changing algorithm – a minimum of 10,000 followers – and creator accounts don’t integrate well with third party software. But all businesses can create an Instagram business profile!

Instagram Creator Studio allows you to schedule IGTV videos

Once you’ve confirmed that you have a business or a creator account, you can begin utilizing Instagram Creator Studio. This tool helps you schedule one image, several images, crop images, write captions, add a location and schedule the exact date and time you want your content to post.

How is that any different from the competition, you ask?  Facebook Creator Studio is currently the only platform that can schedule an IGTV video. In an effort to streamline the Instagram scheduling process, Creator Studio has the capacity to schedule different types of content all from one convenient place, including carousels and IGTV videos. If you’re a creator, influencer or a blogger and one of your pain points was not being able to schedule IGTV videos, this is great news for you!

Limitations: Even though Instagram Creator Studio can help you schedule Facebook and Instagram content, it can’t post content to other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter. (Totally makes sense since Facebook owns Instagram.) And although you can schedule IGTV videos, you cannot schedule Instagram stories via this tool. In addition, if you need to visualize your upcoming posts in a grid or calendar format, the Instagram Creator Studio scheduling tool is probably not robust enough for you.

Instagram Creator Studio allows you to centrally manage your content

The content library component of the Instagram Creator Studio easily manages all of your Instagram content including images, videos, carousels and IGTV videos. This management tool also compiles your Instagram Stories, even though Instagram Creator Studio lacks the ability to schedule them right now. Moreover, a search feature option quickly locates content, meanwhile filters easily organize it by post status, date, published or archived content.

Not only can you manage your Instagram and Facebook posts with this tool, but you can also manage your Instagram and Facebook comments through the Creator Studio inbox. Isn’t that quite the time-saver for busy professionals like you?

Instagram Creator Studio allows you to measure your Instagram insights

Tracking your Instagram performance is key to improving your social media game. Similar to the native Instagram app, Instagram Creator Studio tracks your reach, your impressions, and interactions for a week at a time. You can also see who your followers are, including their gender, their age, their location and their range.

The most impressive part of Instagram Creator Studio is the specific stats it can collect on videos. It can show you how many minutes your video was watched, the number of views it had and how your viewers reacted to it. In addition, the content library allows you see individual insights for all of the past content in your account. With this invaluable info at your fingertips, you can make assessments about what’s resonating with your followers, and what’s falling flat so that you can optimize your account in the future.

Limitations: Unfortunately, Instagram Creator Studio only accesses Instagram insights for up to 7 days. In comparison, other platforms can access as much as three months of data. If long-term analytics is what you’re looking for, you may need to think twice about implementing this tool.

Instagram Creator Studio offers soundtracks for videos

Do you wish you had menu of musical options readily available to enhance your videos? Well now you do. With Sound Collection, Instagram Creator Studio offers an array of musical sound effects that you can add to your videos. Best of all, it’s free and completely legal to use! Whew!

Limitations: If you create original music, you cannot add your musical selections to posts that are already using Sound Collection.

Instagram Creator Studio is on the verge of allowing you to monetize

One of the most exciting things about Instagram Creator Studio is that Facebook is working on advertising in IGTV videos, which will allow users to monetize their IGTV. For creators and influencers who tirelessly churn out original content, this tool will prove heaven-sent for earning money from their efforts.

Facebook Creator Studio already has monetization offerings for Facebook, turning content creation into dollar signs (with a nominal percentage going to Facebook of course), especially through advertising on Facebook Watch videos. To understand this better, think of YouTube who offers its users numerous ways to capitalize on their original content.

For instance on Facebook, Brand Collabs Manager pairs advertisers with relevant content creators. Ad Breaks is another monetization product that gives content creators more control over the types of ads featured in their videos. Creators can choose from pre-roll, mid-roll or non-interruptive, which is ideal for creators who post videos (like music videos) that don’t have a natural stopping point to feature an ad. Last but not least, fan subscriptions charge fans a monthly fee for exclusivity to content from their favorite creators.

Limitations: Clearly Facebook has a prolific offering of monetization products, while Instagram is still waiting in the wings to see some Benjamins. But if you’re patient while Facebook finalizes products similar to Ad Breaks for IGTV videos, you may see your payday after all.


Instagram Creator Studio has several benefits and limitations. Assessing your business needs will help you come to a determination as to whether the Instagram Creator Studio tool would be the best option for you or more of a hindrance.

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