Case Study: Designer CPA


The Designer CPA is a remote accounting firm that wanted to increase their brand awareness with a very targeted audience – the interior designer.

In addition, they wanted to generate more leads for their online classes and prompt more downloads of their e-books. In order to do so, they need to increase their engagement with this audience.


Wingnut Social created an Instagram strategy that focused on engaging interior designers on a professional and personal level.

We wanted to make genuine connections between a professional service like accounting and a creative one like design. It was important to spotlight the exclusivity of the client’s services, showcase their ability to easily explain the nuances of accounting and to feature their online business resources.

To accomplish this, we created captions that share aspects of the firm’s personality and demonstrate this firm’s unique understanding of the design community’s challenges. When it comes to visuals, we curated a content mix of design images, motivational quotes and personal photography.


Since we started working on Designer CPA, their account has grown exponentially. Their strategy increased their brand awareness and engagement within a three month period.

Designer CPA’s impressions have increased by 5,234%, engagements have increased by 506% and their followers have increased by 11.75% Compared to their competitors, Designer CPA has the highest percentage increase in follower growth in a three month period at 11.56%.

Their closest competitor had an increase in follower growth of 9.31%.

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