How Sasha Bikoff Shattered the World of Iconic Design

Episode #087 the Wingnut Social Podcast

Sasha has a background in Fine Art and art history which lends a unique spin to her design career. Her style is multicultural, pulling from her life in New York and her experience studying abroad in Paris. Darla and Natalie chat with Sasha at High Point Market, surrounded by her stunning Currey & Co. Installation.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

  • [1:00] DCOTA Announcement
  • [2:30] Darla introduces Sasha Bikoff
  • [5:50] Botticelli’s Primavera inspired installation
  • [8:35] Sasha’s background in Art and Culture
  • [11:05] The importance of a show house
  • [19:35] You need to photograph your space
  • [22:00] Her upcoming line with Currey & Company
  • [23:40] Her journey from Milan to High Point
  • [25:00] Empowerment for Women
  • [26:50] The emotion she desires to evoke
  • [28:25] What up Wingnut
  • [30:05] Connect with Sasha Bikoff

Connect with Sasha Bikoff

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Iconic design is about making a splash in the industry

Bodacious, luxurious and extravagant are a choice few adjectives that describe Sasha’s design style. As Darla and Natalie chat with Sasha they are surrounded by her Currey & Company installation inspired by Botticelli’s Primavera. Black velvet drapes the ceiling, and her reinvented lighting illuminates the space.

She melded the Italian renaissance with modern design to create a breathtaking space.

Sasha doesn’t take herself too seriously and believes this is a trademark attitude to embrace. She uses her imagination to reinvent things while embracing her true passion to create one-of-a-kind pieces. The goal of her design is to transport you into another world and to evoke a visceral response from the depth of your being.

To hear the ladies chat about Sasha’s explosion into the industry, the importance of a show house, and how she connected with Currey & Company—keep listening.

Lighting is the jewelry of the home

Sasha always wanted to attend High Point but never had the platform needed to come—until her deal with Currey & Company. Her creative nature always left her creating pieces that didn’t exist in the market. Sasha loves an impeccably crafted piece of lighting and knew she could create an iconic collection.

Now, she has one that will be available for purchase in spring 2020!

She describes it as 1980’s Art Deco Revival meets Miami beach, with some tropical vibes thrown in. She adores the Miami Vice era and her colorful pieces will reflect that. She hopes whatever she creates will leave your eyes wandering in awe.

Darla, Natalie, and Sasha chat about how she strives to help women feel empowered in a design world dominated by men and her crazy journey to where she is now. This is an episode to be remembered.

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