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How to Handle Your Social Media During the Coronavirus Crisis

Don't know what to say on your business social media accounts during this outbreak? We answer all of your questions about your tone and brand voice on social, what to post and how to respond to social media comments during these trying times.

What You Can Do with Instagram Creator Studio

With countless Instagram scheduling tools on the market, how do you decide which one is right for your business needs? Well as if we weren’t already overwhelmed with the options, in comes Facebook Creator Studio with its new Instagram Creator Studio tool. But not to worry; Wingnut Social is here to simplify the pluses and minuses of using this free desktop tool to schedule your Instagram posts.

How to Get More Engagement on Your Instagram Posts

We’ve all been there: You take the perfect picture, apply your favorite filter, write a clever caption, add a few nice hashtags, tap that blue “Share” button and then...nothing. Maybe you get a “like” here and there from a couple of your trusty friends, but no comments, no traction, and no growth. In this blog post, we’ll review some simple ways to increase your Instagram engagement.

6 Instagram Stories Stickers Your Business Should Be Using

Instagram Stories stickers are more than just fun features for Instagram users to play around with. They're a fantastic way to add value to and gain value from your brand's Instagram Stories. This blog post will break down the top Instagram Stories stickers to use for your brand.

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

With all the different social media platforms in existence, it can be hard to choose which one is the perfect one for you and your biz. In this blog, we're giving you a breakdown of all the popular platforms and their best uses to help you make the right decision!

How to Make Your Business Stand Out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an ideal place to increase your online presence and establish your business in the online world. But, you need to have an optimized personal profile as well as a dynamite company page to really make your business stand out. This blog will tell you how to do both!

11 Tips for Using Pinterest Like a Pro

Pinterest can be a great platform for raising awareness for your interior design business—it can also be a valuable lead generator! This blog will tell you everything you need to know about using Pinterest to your advantage.

How to Use Instagram TV

Instagram TV (IGTV) is a great way to share video content that is longer than one minute in length. In this blog, we explore the best practices to make sure you're using IGTV to it's fullest potential.

Instagram Story Features (And how to use them!)

Keeping up with the latest & greatest features on Instagram can be overwhelming, but we are here to help!  In this blog we will take a look at Instagram Stories and how to make the most out of them for your Interior Design business.  

How to Make a Killer Instagram Bio

Are you worried your Instagram profile might not be doing all it can to help your ideal client find you? A well-designed bio should expand your reach and attract more followers on Instagram, and we can tell you just how to do it!

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